255-metre space age pedestrian bridge to descend on Køge

Reimagining transportation hubs, like the new Nørreport Station, are part of the COBE's repertoire. But can they pull off a 225-meter-long pedestrian bridge in Køge?

Transportation hubs familiar to the landscape in outer Copenhagen are known for the space-age design. Flintholm Station by PLH Arkitekter, for example, who were also shortlisted for the redesign of Nørreport Station that is currently underway. The winners of that project were COBE, who have also designed a masterplan for Aarhus central station area.

Their latest challenge is to take that familiarity of super modernity and apply it to functionality – in Køge no less. They have teamed with DISSING+WEITLING, who were highly praised for their recent project the ‘Cykelslangen’, and which therefore seem like an appropriate match for the 32,000-square-meter park and associated park-and-ride facility.

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The Køge North Station is expected serve 90,000 people daily and act as a “new gateway to Copenhagen”. Through a massive tunnel-like structure, the wormhole like complex is planned to be completed in 2018. Crossing Denmark’s most trafficked freeway, the enclosed walking bridge offers views to the north side and is equipped with built-in furniture towards the south edge. Steen Savery Trojaborg, Partner and CEO at DISSING+WEITLING, says the architecture is designed for “intimacy, movement and repose”, and in the process has created a structure that outshines most other sky-walks or pedestrian bridges.


Dan Stubbergaard, Founder and Creative Director at COBE, adds: “We have designed a symbol of the development that the city of Køge is currently undergoing – a development characterised by innovation, pioneering spirit and audacity. This development will be reflected and materialised in the bridge and the surrounding park and ride facility that besides being the traffic junction of the region, also will be a distinctive landmark for the area and a symbol of Denmark’s strive towards a sustainable future.”

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Site plan

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By Samer Khudairi

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