A shared car is the best car

Advertorial – LetsGo is a carsharing service that provides you with easy access to a car as often as you need it, without the trouble of being a car owner

Denmark is recognised around the world for its quality public transport and bicycle infrastructure. So when expats land in Denmark, many are prepared to jump right in and embrace the freedoms that bicycles, trains and busses offer.

Sometimes, however, you can’t escape the need for a car. You might need to go Ikea to buy some home furnishings, pick up family members from the airport after a long trip, or go exploring across Denmark at your own pace during a much needed holiday or weekend break.

But having a car on standby for when these moments arise can be an expensive luxury. If you only need to use a car a few times a month, it doesn’t make sense to pay the insurance, tax, roadside assistance, oil replacement, and to change winter to summer tires. These costs can run up to 40,000 kroner a year.

Lets Go, delebil, København 2015

Carsharing is cheaper
In which case, you should consider LetsGo’s carsharing service. For a mere 270 kroner per month, your membership keeps you fully insured and with access to well-kept cars. When you pick up a car, all you need to pay is for the time you drive and the distance you cover.

LetsGo takes care of all the boring administrative and maintenance work. The simple online booking system means LetsGo is also much more convenient and flexible than renting a car. Not to mention cheaper.

And there’s no need to worry about parking. In addition to dedicated LetsGo parking spots across Copenhagen, parking is also free elsewhere except for the city centre ‘red zone’. Just remember to leave the car where you found it when you’re done.

Screenshot 2016-05-04 12.39.47Perfect for businesses
Carsharing also offers businesses a flexible access to vehicles. Free parking means LetsGo cars are ideal when a staff member needs to quickly meet a colleague or client in town. It also means that multiple staff members can rent cars at the same time, which can often be a problem for small businesses that can only afford one car for the office to share.

Safe and convenient
LetsGo’s vehicle fleet consists of 180 new vehicles, which are very safe to drive. The cars are also regularly maintained, so you can always feel confident behind the wheel – regardless of whether it’s a Mini or minivan.

With cars on Funen and Jutland, you can even take a train and pick up the car to complete the final stretch of the journey.

Should there be any doubts or problems, you can always call the 24-hour emergency hotline, where a LetsGo-staff member will be on hand to help.

Lets Go, delebil, København 2015

It is sustainable
The more people who share a car, the fewer cars are needed. Every time one shared car is put on the street, it removes six other cars. By choosing a carshare, you are actively helping to reduce the number of cars on a city’s streets. This means cleaner air and more space for more sustainable alternatives such as bicycles and public transport.

Moreover, LetsGo cars are brand new and therefore as environmentally friendly as possible – you can even borrow an electric car.

Carsharing opens up many possibilities
Whether a carshare service is something you can benefit from depends on how often you need a car. If you need a car everyday, then it isn’t. Nor is it if you only need a car once or twice a year.

But if you regularly find yourself in the following situations – or would like to get out more, but are unable to without a car – then you are the ideal LetsGo member.

• Weeknight trip in Louisiana (open until 22:00) or Arken (open until 21:00)

• Shopping and meatballs at IKEA

• Summerhouse trip during the weekend or the summer holidays

• Visiting friends outside the city, or going for a walk and a picnic

• Dropping children off at friends so you can take your partner on a getaway

What each trip costs depends on how far you drive, the car you choose, and whether it’s night or day. Simply use our price calculator, which covers all the factors.

If you want to test whether LetsGo is something for you, we are offering a one-month trial membership. All you have to pay for is the distance and time you drive. Sign up before May 31. M


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