The Murmur – A Danish newspaper in English

The Murmur is a monthly newspaper that produces in-depth and nuanced journalism about Danish politics, society and culture.

But we do more than translate Danish news into English. The Murmur is a Danish newspaper that just happens to use the English language.

Through our original reporting and photography, we tell stories about what it’s like to live in Denmark. We shine a light on the challenges faced by marginalised groups, interview exciting thinkers, and break down the complex power plays in Danish politics. We are a reaction to online journalism, where snappy headlines and volume have replaced quality and perspective.

Connecting Danes and internationals
These readers are internationals and Danes alike. We are an entry point into the Danish society for those without the language skills to pick up a Danish newspaper. But we are also a resource for Danes who appreciate context and insight. If the story helps our readers better understand Denmark, we have succeeded.

English is increasingly important
English is an increasingly important language in Denmark. According to the Confederation of Danish Industry, the number of businesses using English as their workplace language doubled between 2008 and 2013. This corresponds with a 70 percent increase in non-Danish residents over the past decade – there are now 460,000 people living in Denmark, who do not have Danish passports.

Promoting citizenship and integration
Learning Danish is vital for becoming a constructive member of society in Denmark. But for many, English will remain their stronger language. Some will only live in Denmark for a few years. We believe that everyone living and working in Denmark has a stake in the country. We hope The Murmur’s nuanced news and commentary about Denmark will be a catalyst for integration and citizenship.

The Murmur was first published in June 2014. 12,500 copies of each issue are distributed to over 350 locations across Denmark. A 2015 poll of our readers found that 59% are aged between 25 and 35, and 86% have a Bachelors Degree or higher.


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