An all-inclusive nature retreat: The VIPP shelter

It all started with a pedal-powered waste bin in the 1930s : now the Danish product design company Vipp offers a modular getaway shelter that comes completely furnished with their classic pieces

In 1931, 17-year-old Holger Nielsen won a car in a lottery at the local football stadium. Nielsen didn’t have a driving licence, so he decided to sell the car and invest in a metal lathe. This he used to start metal workshop where he would later produce a practical rubbish bin for his wife’s hair salon. The bin had a unique pedal design and a sleek aesthetic that made it ideal for the hygienic conditions of many clinics. Today, the Vippbin has gained international acclaim and in November 2009 it was accepted into the architecture and design collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA).


The Vipp company has extended their line of product design well beyond trash cans, and has recently launched their first architectural project, the Vipp Shelter. “The perfect getaway retreat should be, by definition, remote, smart but spontaneous and surrounded by breathtaking nature,” says chief designer Martin Bo Jensen. “And to get your own getaway shouldn’t require lifting any fingers-except the one pointing to where you want it.”


To summarise, this pre-fab stainless alloy “home” is a liveable industrial object completely kitted with Vipp products – from faucet to bed linens. It embraces a total-design experience to maximize functionality. The 55 square meter structure, with a transparent shell, offers up to four guests ample space and framed views of the natural landscape. A fireplace as well as electric floor heating is integrated into the design which also has a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen.


The self contained residence is organised on a simple grid, with a lofted bed room, and a skylight for the living area. The distribution of space underneath is divided between the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and daybed. The limited colourway and materials choice coincides with the identity of the rest of the brand. The vessel exists “neither as a house nor a mobile home'”but as a product itself.



The Vipp Shelter won the 2015 Wallpaper Award for ‘Best Brand Extension’ and costs around DKK 3.6 million. You’ll have to wait six months for delivery, but installation takes less than a week.


We love it. M


By Samer Khudairi

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