Artificial island proposed to connect Copenhagen

More space to build homes, an route to divert traffic out of the city centre, and a natural flood barrier – Nordhaleøen is an intriguing proposition

An artificial island named Nordhaleøen, to be located between Nordhavn and Refshaleøen, has been proposed by architects at the Danish firm Urban Power.

The architecture firm points out that as Copenhagen may have to build sea barriers for protection from rising sea levels, the island could serve that function while also adding thousands of square meters of land for residences, businesses, recreational parks and a beach.

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“We expect that there will be room for 900,000 square meters of construction on the island. Some will be offices and institutions, but there will probably be room for about 6,000 homes,” Rune Veile, architect at Urban Power, told Politiken.

The island would serve as a transport link for cars, public transport and bicycles between Nordhavn and Refshaleøen, which are currently unconnected. With the planned extension of the Metro to Nordhavn, Nordhaleøen would be in striking distance of public transport for commuters.

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The project also presents an alternative to the proposed harbour tunnel to connect traffic from the north of the city with the motorway south of Copenhagen. Instead of a tunnel, a motorway would carry traffic from the north across the island and south to Amager, where it would reconnect with the road network there.

Considering all the benefits the island would bring to the city of Copenhagen, from flood protection, to the construction of new metro sites and the sale of new building areas, Urban Power believes Nordhaleøen is worth the investment. M

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By Gabriele Dellisanti

Editorial intern. Media and communications student at Lund University.

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