Better road conditions for Copenhagen’s cyclists


In 2015, 41 percent of all journeys in Copenhagen were made by bicycle. While this is an impressive figure compared to other cities, the high volume of cyclists is placing pressure on the city’s infrastructure – pressure that will only increase as the city welcomes an additional 100,000 residents by 2025.

In March, Copenhagen City Hall launched a Bicycle Path Prioritisation Plan 2017-2025 to ensure that the city’s cyclists continue moving swiftly through the city.

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The plan includes 15 kilometres of new and wider bike paths, as well as adding 62 kilometres to the existing 57-kilometre network of Bicycle Super Highways that improve conditions for commuters covering longer distances. Cyclists will also be allowed to travel against the flow of traffic on 20 additional one-way streets in the city.

Morten Kabell, Copenhagen’s mayor for technical and environmental affairs, expressed his satisfaction on Facebook.

“When we decided to rebuild Nørrebrogade a few years ago, it was to accommodate the 36,000 cyclists that biked down it every day. Today, that number has grown by 25 percent, while there are 30 percent more bus passengers and 10 percent fewer car passengers. In all, the green approach has meant increased mobility through Nørrebro!” he writes.

“I am really thankful for all the input we have received from almost 10,000 Copenhageners. It provided us with a solid foundation for developing the Bicycle Path Prioritisation Plan. We just need to get it financed, which will happen in the coming eight-year budget that will help us achieve our target of 50 percent of journeys by bike by 2025.” M

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