Captured // Greenpeace in Russia


Oil companies have been drilling in the Komi Republic, Russia, for 40 years. Greenpeace alleges that the companies have used corruption and intimidation against the region’s administration to drill – and pollute – with impunity.

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A Greenpeace volunteer observes an oil well that had recently malfunctioned and sprayed 3000M2 of forest with oil. To hide the damage, the oil company allegedly chopped down the trees and covered the ground with sand.

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A Greenpeace expert and volunteer document a leaking pipeline in the middle of the Ussinsk oil field. Leaking pipelines spill 5,000,000 tons of oil and oil products in Russia every year.

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Photojournalist Denis Sinyakov and documentarist Juliet Lamont chatting on the train from Ussinsk to Moscow. Sinyakov is a member of the Arctic 30 and was among those illegally arrested and jailed by the Russian authorities.

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A poorly closed oil well creates a spill in the middle of the Komi forest. Despite being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, oil companies operate with impunity and are unafraid of leaving branded materials as evidence. M


By Alban Grosdidier

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