CBS campus facing a major architectural shake up

C.F. Møller Architects has won a competition for a new master plan for CBS in Frederiksberg, adding new buildings and urban spaces to the existing site

C.F Møller Architects has been chosen to redevelop an area of Copenhagen Business School (CBS) campus. Along with danish architect firms Transform, and Moe, the project will incorporate new buildings and create spaces in the already existing area of the campus. C.F. Møller has demonstrated their abilities in the design of higher education facilities, with their notable work at the University of Aarhus. But this 31,000 square meter project seems to be a bit more of a challenge. The characteristic openness of the campus now risks becoming cluttered and filled, while the existing buildings – such as the cleverly crafted ‘Wedge’, by Lundgaard & Tranberg’s – may now compete or lose focus among the newer buildings.

Architect’s rendering (‘The Wedge’ to the left)

“One of the strategies in the master plan is that the new buildings will cover a relatively small land area to allow as much space as possible for urban spaces and urban life,” explains C.F. Møller partner Julian Weyer. “Clusters of compact, multi-functional buildings with green roof areas create essentially versatile spaces where outdoor spaces converge. Both pre-existing and new buildings will be flexibly appointed so that their interiors and design expression can be changed. The buildings will be better integrated into the landscape and their diversity elegantly expressed in a holistic synthesis of buildings and landscape.”

Above is a sketch of the existing site, while below is a sketch with the proposed changes.

The goal is to elevate the CBS campus to be on par with some of the world’s most famous university and college campuses. The press release for this project was even titled, “C.F. MØLLER AND TRANSFORM WIN THE WORLD’S BEST CITY CAMPUS”. Weyer further states that he wishes the architectonic value to be, “comparable to universities like Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge and Aarhus.” Hopefully, creating four different new urban spaces – ranging from the classical plaza around the metro stations to an informal, recreational park at the centre – of the campus will achieve that.





By Samer Khudairi

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