Copenhagen shootings: on location

Photographs from the sites of the two shootings this weekend, which cost the lives of Finn Nørgaard, 55, and Dan Uzan, 37

Outside the theatre Krudttønden in Østerbro, the site of the first shooting at around 15:30 on Saturday afternoon. The gunman – believed to be the now-deceased Omar El-Hussein – shot an automatic rifle through the glass façade and into the cafe of the theatre that was hosting a debate about blasphemy. In attendance was the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, known for drawing a cartoon of Mohammed as a dog, and the French ambassador. After police returned fire, El-Hussein turned his gun on Finn Nørgaard outside the theatre, killing him, before hijacking a car and fleeing the site. Two policemen were injured in the shootout.


A mourner left a photograph of Nørgaard, a well-known director.


Flowers were also left outside the synagogue on Krystalgade in central Copenhagen, where El-Hussain shot Dan Uzan at around 01:30 later in the evening. Uzan was manning the door as security for a Bar Mitzvah that was taking place inside. El-Hussain managed to escape again after another shoot out with police, that left three more policeman injured.

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Norwegian foreign minister Børge Brende laid flowers outside the synagogue.


We have so far been unable to visit the site of El-Hussain’s shooting in Nørrebro, where police confronted and shot him at around 05:30 on Sunday morning. M

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