DIY culture celebrated at creative maker festival

MADE is a new festival that celebrates the Maker culture. Learn to fly drones, or use lasercutters and 3D printers to realise your DIY ambitions

Thousands of revellers descend on Roskilde for a week-long music festival in July to they drink, party and sleep in their filth. But this year the camping space saw a new addition, a so-called Makerspace in the Dream City camping district that offered guests the opportunity to build soundsystems and furniture for free using state-of-the-art technology.

The Makerspace in Dream City was the brainchild of Orange Innovation, the innovation unit of the Roskilde Festival Group. They are now launching a brand-new festival for arts, technolo-gy and crafts. Held during the last week of August, the MADE festival celebrates DIY culture through Camps (Monday-Thursday) and a three-day Celebration.

A number of all-day camps are held during the week where guests are introduced to new technology. Learn how to lasercut a lamp, build and fly a drone, build DIY furniture or make music with Danish electronic group Rumpistol.

The Celebration is held over the final three days with a series of workshops, talks, concerts and showcases. Witness the Spherical Reflections installation that demonstrates the meeting of lasers and soap bubbles, an exhibition about the potential use of urine as a resource, or bounce your head to the masterly crafted sampled sounds of the DJ collective Den Sorte Skole.

The organisers explain that it is the first time a festival dedicated to the Maker Movement has been held in Denmark. Guests will learn how to engage and interact with new technology such as 3D printers, laser cutters and drones, as well as discovering the joy of traditional crafts such as furniture design and instrument building.

Julie Hjort, MADE’s project manager, says the small workshops in Dream City were a succesful testing ground for the new festival.

“You could build your own soundsystem, furniture and one-string electric guitar, or use laser cutters to make your own badges. It was a great success and the place was packed. People loved being able to build something from nothing and with very little guidance and preparation. We demonstrated that everyone can become a maker and we can’t wait to kick off MADE and introduce many more people to the maker culture and the DIY trend,” Hjort says.

The festival is being held in Musicon in Roskilde, a delapidated factory setting a stone’s throw from the Roskilde Festival site. For more information, visit their website. MADE2014.dk

MADE festival // August 25-31, 2014 // Musicon, Roskilde

Camps cost DKK 995 and include a one-day pass for the weekend celebration

Celebration three-day ticket costs DKK 1250

Celebration one-day ticket costs DKK 495


CAMP: Build a drone and make it fly // Tuesday, August 26
134Presented in co-operation with Playground, this Made Camp offers a whole day dedicated to drones where you can learn practically everything there is to know about the world of flying robots. Assemble them yourself and then take to the sky while live-streaming the event with a GoPro camera.

The camp starts with an introduction to the world of drones and their uses today and in the future. Participants will then get to work with a drone and together help each other assemble the drone and making it fit for flight.


CAMP: DIY music with Rumpistol // Thursday, August 28
300Contact microphones, pickups, digital chips, soldering irons, sensors: these are only a few of the things you can get your hands on at the DIY MUSIC CAMP. Participants will experiment with sound and with the aid of digital and analog components, build their very own instruments.

You can build your own synthesizer and control it with different sensors, you can make your own string instrument with a home-built pickup, you can build a drum kit with contact microphones or build an effect that manipulates the voice.


Celebration: Den sorte Skole // Saturday, August 30

136Den Sorte Skole is a Copenhagen-based DJ, producer and composer collective. By sampling music from all across the world and genres as diverse as folk, psych rock, early electronic music, reggae, classical and all kinds of field recordings, they take the listener on a truly unique journey through musical history and beyond. The sound is original, massive and highly enchanting.



By Peter Stanners

Co-founder and Editor-in-chief. Occasional photographer.

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