Election night in Copenhagen

The municipal and regional elections were held today and tonight we were in City Hall to capture the scene and speak to international voters

A long queue snaked outside City Hall with just half an hour before polls closed.

We met a couple of international voters in the queue:

Teemu Karppinen

I’m from Finland and it’s my first time voting here. I have lived here since August, but it’s my second time living in Denmark. It was important to vote to have a say and influence the decisions. I’m just a normal citizen, not highly political, I just think it’s important that everyone votes. In this election I’m mostly interested in infrastructure and how we are spending taxes. I think it’s important to look at the¬†environment and how we recycle, collect garbage, invest in bicycle infrastructure and those sorts of things.

Antonio Manuel Pegalajar Jurado

I am doing PhD in offshore wind energy and have been here four years. I voted in the last local elections after being here just a few months. Whatever comes out of this will affect me directly, and I feel like a member of this society and its my right as a citizen. I’m not that into politics here, but I do know the main parties and their ideas. I am more involved in politics back in my home country. What is important to me here is the different parties attitude toward foreigners, as is green energy and sustainability.

After the polls closed at around 20:20, the counting started. We won’t know the result before the early morning, and it may take a few days before we know who wins control of the various administrations in the city.


By Peter Stanners

Co-founder and Editor-in-chief. Occasional photographer.

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