Enjoy a slice of America in Copenhagen

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There is a famous saying in the USA: “Nothing is more American than Mom, Baseball, and Apple Pie”. Creative Director and partner at The American Pie Company, Erin Chapman (above left), says that in the USA, pie is truly a part of every Americans’ DNA. And in October 2015, The American Pie Co. opened its doors on Skindergade 25, in central Copenhagen, offering Danes this unique taste of America.

The pie shop’s vibe itself is unique in that it has a vintage feel, appealing to both mom and pop.

“My grandmother always said ‘Men love pie’, and we have found that to be true – a lot of our regulars are men coming in to enjoy a savoury pie with a beer, or a sweet pie with a cup of coffee,” explains Erin.

Every pie is made from scratch each day using authentic American recipes – some of which Erin’s family favourites.

“I think we are unique in that our sweet pies change every three months to reflect the seasons, meaning there is never a dull moment at the pie shop – especially at Thanksgiving!”

Erin loves the down-to-earth nature of pies, and their easy-going, no-stress, handmade philosophy – something The American Pie Co. tries to embody in its Copenhagen shop.

Word on the street
Don’t take our word for it, these pie fans share their experiences of The American Pie Co. and America’s biggest pie day – Thanksgiving.

Jeff Nielsen happened across The American Pie Co. one October day a few years back. Being Thanksgiving time, he was desperate to find a good American pumpkin pie.

What has you coming back for more?
“I come back because their pies taste like they are home-made in New York City and flown to Copenhagen the same day. They’re made just as every American remembers from childhood.”

Julie Landry lives around the corner from the shop, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it out.

Have you attended one of The American Pie Co. baking classes?
A I have, and it was such a fun experience. In addition to learning how to make a pie crust from scratch, Erin also taught us how to make a lattice crust, a meringue and we each brought home two pies we made in class.

Jason Peters says that the pies and coffee at The American Pie Company is great, but what keeps him coming back is the atmosphere and the people. It’s a slice of home.

How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving?
“We are celebrating Thanksgiving twice, once with The American Pie Co., the second with a group of friends. There’s bound to be lots of pie at both meals!”

The American Pie Company will be offering special gift cards as Christmas gifts to those home bakers out there who want to learn the fundamentals of pie baking. Check out the website for details on their next pie-making class:

Call (+45) 24 22 88 22 to order with promo code MURMUR and receive 10% off Thanksgiving pies!




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