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Syria Go

A teddy bear smiles at you from a mobile screen. In the background you discover a casualty site in a street in war torn Syria. Syrian artist Saif Aldeen Tahhan has stunned the world with his series ’Syria Go’ with references to the global gaming trend Pokemon Go and a reminder of everyday life in Syria. In his series ‘Think of Syrian Children’, Saif Aldeen Tahhan continues his reflections on refugee children’s longing for every day life. With simple drawings of houses, schools and toys on photos with children fleeing from war, he spells out the contrast between peace and war.

WHAT: Photographic exhibition
WHERE: Vanløse Kulturstationen, Frode Jakobsens Plads 4, 1., 2720  Vanløse
WHEN: Vanløse library, Monday to Sunday 08.00-22.00 until 30 October

Mixed Media Exhibition at Råhuset

What: Photographic and animation art. Works by Bente Jæger (Norway), Angelique Sanossian(Armenian/Syrian), Martin Lønstrup Esquives (Sweden), Mayra Navarrete (El Salvador), Wael Toubaji (Syria)
Where: Råhuset, Onkel Dannys Plads. 7, 1711 Copenhagen Vesterbro
When: Opening times: 30 September and 7 October 13.00 – 17.00,  1– 2 October, 8-9 October 12.00 – 16.00.

global-art-gallery-768x512Group exhibition with Behnaz, Josette Simon-Gestinand Awang Behartawan

Iranian artist Behnaz exhibits Danish-Iranian Fine Art, while French Josette Simon-Gestin’s paintings are inspired by the work of Henri Matisse, Meanwhile Indonesian artistAwang Behartawan uses graphic design and forms in his artwork. The three distinguished artists join forces in the group exhibition at Global Art Gallery in Vanløse, which shall be opened by the Indonesian Ambassador, Mr Muhammad Ibnu Said.

What: Group exhibition with Behnaz, Josette Simon-Gestin and Awang Behartawan
Where: Global Art Gallery, Skalbakken 8A, 2720 Vanløse
When:  Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, 14.00 – 17.00 (1 Oct – 30 Oct)

ph-cafeen-300x168Group exhibition with Alessandra Sicuro,Evangelene and Arsalan Chalabi.

Italian artist Alessandra Sicuro spontaneously explores nature or a domestic world as primary sites of identity, love, human relations, and communication, while Sri Lankan Evangelene is strongly influenced by her mother who was a painter, and the wealth of art, culture and colour she associates with Asia. They are joined by Arsalan Chalabi, a Kurdish poet who began painting upon arrival in Denmark in 2016.

What: Group exhibition with Alessandra Sicuro, Evangelene and Arsalan Chalabi.
Where: PH Caféen, Halmtorvet 9A, 1700 København V
When: Vernissage, 1 October 14.00 – 16.00. One-month exhibition. 

Syrian artist’s portrait of the Queen to be revealed

Denmark’s queen adorned with her Wikipedia definition in Arabic is one of the paintings created by Syrian photographer and graphic artist Saif Aldeen Tahhan that was instrumental in the founding of Immigrant Art. This piece will be exhibited together with water colour paintings by his partner and fellow artist, Zahr Miro, who also played a key role in the shaping of Immigrant Art. Zahr’s goal is to open her own art gallery in Aalborg, where she now lives. The works from Kathryn Kurtz from the US tie the exhibition together.

What: Art exhibition with Saif Aldeen Tahhan, Zahr Miro and Kathryn Kurtz
Where: Café Mandela, Onkel Dannys plads 9, 1711 København
When: All month.


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