DUBBUSTER starting the evening up with the deep throbbing bas spreading that magic vibe.

FASTPOHOLMEN will take the stage upstairs, raising the energylevel, inviting you to join the journey in their music, presenting the new songs and the classics, crazy rythms, wild horns, sweet lullabys & intense musical love. FPH-Style!

When Fastpoholmen have played their last note you go downstairs where the afterparty starts and where LUR invites you to join their livelooping club show of electronica shamanism, weird toys and visual concepts.

And finally were all going to move our eastereggs on the dancefloor and sweat togeather in total rythmic bliss when DJ COPYFLEX takes over the musicpower and serves his hypnotic trypical cumbia.

20:00 DUBbusters
21:00 Fastpoholmen
22:30 LUR
23:30 – …… Copyflex

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