Salaam Shalom Passover


Come celebrate Passover/Pesach, a Jewish holiday, with an inter-faith, intercultural group that welcomes all! This year, we will join together to celebrate Passover on Saturday, Apr.23rd (2nd night of Passover).

Passover is a Jewish holiday that represents Freedom, as it marks when the Jews were freeing themselves from being slaves in Egypt. As we learn and grow, we realize Freedom is not just for one group of people, but for everyone. And, there is a freedom from the borders that define our identity, so that we can come together as One.

We will celebrate this holiday at the Trampoline House, a community center for Asylum Seekers and Refugees, who have lately been struggling even more for this freedom, under more restrictive laws passed in the EU that strengthen borders.

So we come together to celebrate, because borders can never win!

* If you feel inspired, please bring a dish of your choice to share.
* After dinner, there will be music provided by the talented DJ Kip!

Here is a video from last year’s Salaam Shalom Passover dinner:

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