“Every year we regret coming, but then we come back the next year”

A trash lady and fireman let us in on how this festival compares to other years, and how to cope with post-Roskilde blues

Jakob. 12th year at the festival.

How does this festival rank compared to previous years?

This year is very special because we have created a collective with several other camps, so it has become even crazier than previously. We won best camp in 2012, which was incredibly special, but I think this year is better.

Do you still live of the glory of winning best camp?

Yeah, we do. People remember us, people love us!

What has been the best concert this year?

M83, visually and musically they create this massive universe.

What are you looking forward to today?

LCD Soundsystem, I think that will be the best concert this year.

Has being at Roskilde become harder as you get older?

It really has. Every year we regret coming, but then we also come the next year.

Do you have any tips to survive the festival?

I drink enough beer, liquor, that’s the best way to get through the day, it makes the days go faster. Then just embrace that sense togetherness and community.

Peter. Seventh time at Roskilde Festival. Member of Fire Department camp.




Have you put out any fires?

No, but we did put on a foam party. The fire guys use that to put out fires. It actually ended up being mainly sliding on the foam rather than a dance party, but it was fun.

It wasn’t cold?

That day was sunny. I don’t really recall which day it was, It’s day seven and its all a blur, but I think that was the sunniest day.

How does this year rank compared to previous festivals?

The weather turns out to be one of the most important things, because of the mood and happiness all around. So this one is not the best one, my first year was probably the best one. That was in 2009 and it was like the hottest year ever at Roskilde and it was the first year so there was a lot of excitement – people were happy seven days in a row. And if you know Denmark you know that is pretty rare.

Has your festival experienced changed the older you get?

Yeah, the first couple of years …actually not, I’m still an idiot. But it does feel like it has changed, for instance you don’t go out in the street and ask all the girls if they want to marry you, now you just tell them you are beautiful.

What about physically, has is your body coping?

Ahh, better and better. You learn how to control your drinking and the way you handle it, you experience how important it is to drink water and eat at the right time, before and after. I don’t get hungover that much, I’ve always been lucky in that respect.

What has been the best concert?

I work on Orange stage in crowd safety, so I have not really had time really watch concerts, but even if you work on Orange you are in the pits and hand out water, so you do get to turn around. I’m a huge fan of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, they are my favourite band of all time. That was pretty amazing, but it wasn’t because the performance was good. It is just if you are a huge fan you just love seeing them.

How is it going to feel going home?

You always wake up and feel lonely and you wanna go and say something stupid to someone, but you find out “I’m back in Denmark,” and you can never talk to people again. Then you start missing Roskilde.

Julia. This is her first Roskilde Festival



How has the festival been so far?

I work as a volunteer, I sort all the trash – I’m a trash lady. But it’s been good, it’s been wet and cold, but good.

What has been the high point of the festival so far?

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, because I’m such a big fan. We also had a night where we met some random guy called Andreas and we ended up dancing and talking with strangers.

Are you gonna come next year?

Yeah, but now I’m pretty done. I’ve got a sprained ankle and I have to walk all the time.

How did you sprain your ankle?

Some guys had been digging holes, that they call Swedish traps. But it hasn’t put me down. It is hard not to be happy here.

How do you think it’s going to be coming back home?

Really weird, because it is such a nice mood we have here. You know, that Orange feeling. The friendliness and there is room for everybody, as long as you are in a good mood. Danish society kind of stops for a week.

Cecilie. Second time at the festival.



What has been the high point of the festival so far?

I think last night, I was really drunk and saw Tame Impala. I would say they and Johanna Blacksmith were the best.

What is the most difficult thing about being at the festival?

When it is raining, as our tent is pretty bad so it leaks and all our clothes get wet. But also I didn’t sleep at all last night, because our camp was partying so it was impossible.

How is it when you come home from the festival?

You get the Roskilde blues. You are happy because it was so great, but you are also down that it’s over. You realise there is a full year until the next one and I have to go to work on Monday. When you are here it is like being in a whole different world and you have to go back to reality and the daily problems you have.

Do you feel Danish society stops for a week?

Exactly, and it such an amazing experience. But also when you are cold and haven’t slept, you start think about how good it will be to go home and sleep in your own bed. You know, eat vegetables and use a toilet that works instead of these porta potties.


By Elias Thorsson

Managing editor. @Eliasthorsson

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