Five hot burger joints

The Murmur's picks for the best burger experiences in the city

Copenhagen’s experiencing a burger boom. We’ve helped through the grease to present you with our top five temples to the burger gods.


Tommi’s Burger Joint

One of the cheapest deals in town, Tommi’s has an intimate and busy atmosphere and most importantly, their simple burgers taste great! Props for the choice of tunes too.

Høkerboderne 23, 1712 København V

89 – 100kr including fries and a soda

501 (1)


The burgers are huge, it’s great value and it has a fun diverse menu. The Mac ‘n’ Cheese is a tempting, messy hangover smasher and the curly fries are scrumptious.

Nørrebrogade 13, 2200 København N

89kr including fries

500 (3)


Grillen wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Halifax, who arguably started the ‘design-your-own’ concept. Their inventive menu is ambitious and hard to beat.

Frederiksborggade 35, 1360 København K

99 – 140kr

500 (4)

Salon 39

Our high-end burger of choice. Along with their classic cocktail list and beautiful décor, Salon 39 offers a romantic evening to accompany their signature cheeseburger.

Vodroffsvej 39, 1900 Frederiksberg

150 – 200kr

499 (1)

Cafe Sokkelund Café & Brasserie

Our other high-end burger of choice. Apart from the A-grade fresh ground patty, their brioche bun might be the best of the lot and their home made fries cooked in peanut oil are to die for.

Smallegade 36E, 2000 Frederiksberg
170 – 210 Dkk


By Carl Coleman

AN Australian sexual refugee living in Copenhagen for the past six years. Carl plays in Palace Winter.

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