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To Øl's new brewpub BRUS takes over a former iron foundry in their most ambitious project to date

Brewers Tore Gynther and Tobias Emil Jensen have come home at last. The To Øl founders got their start as home-brewing high-school students a decade ago and this month, six years after they launched their craft beer empire, they’re embarking on their biggest venture yet: BRUS. The 750-square-metre brewpub in Nørrebro is a stone’s throw from where it all began.


Inside BRUS

Situated in a former iron foundry that backs onto the Empire cinema, BRUS will feature a bar, a shop, no fewer than 13 fermentation tanks, and SPONTAN – a restaurant helmed by Michelin-starred chef Christian Gadient.

Many brewers might baulk at expanding the business so dramatically. Not To Øl.

This mockup of the brewpub BRUS shows exactly how ambitious To Øl's new venture is.

This mockup of the brewpub BRUS shows exactly how ambitious To Øl’s new venture is.

“When we heard the building was vacant, we jumped,” Jensen says. “Where else in Copenhagen do you find a space that large that has the structural strength to bear the weight of those tanks and a ceiling high enough to accommodate all that equipment – which also lies 100 metres from where we started?”

“It’s a big step,” adds Gynther. “But it’s also a natural step to some extent, because we wanted to get our production of barrel-aged beer closer to us.” The pair launched To Øl in 2010 as contract brewers, meaning they rent unused space from established breweries and use it to ferment their own craft beers.

Outside Brus

Outside Brus

Meanwhile, as the restaurant’s name suggests, spontaneity will be the watchword in the kitchen.

“We will try to focus to some extent on fermented products, since we ferment so much other stuff,” Jensen says. “There might be leftovers from the brewery that could be used in the food or vice versa – something from the kitchen could be used to infuse a beer, a soda or a cocktail.”

Besides beer they will create a range of other craft beverages at BRUS, from cocktails and tonics, to mead and kombucha. “We couldn’t settle for less,” Jensen smiles. “It would be dull to just be a brewery.”

This Thursday, May 12, is their opening party. Read more HEREM

Guldbergsgade 29F, 2200 Nørrebro


By James Clasper

Contributing editor. @jamesclasper

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