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Flemming Hansen and Mette Helbæk found instant success last spring when they opened a restaurant amid the mulch of a rooftop farm in Østerbro. They now open their second joint at Torvehallerne, bringing their clean, simple and local food to the masses

At Stedsans – meaning sense of location –  husband-and-wife team Flemming Hansen and Mette Helbæk serve “clean, simple, local” food to diners squeezed around a large communal table. Healthy, delicious and attractively plated, Stedsans produces dishes that Instagram was practically invented for. And no wonder: Helbæk is also a food stylist. Thanks to the simplicity of the couple’s cuisine, Stedsans became one of the hottest tickets in town.

Having shut for winter, Stedsans reopens in mid-May. But Hansen and Helbæk are spreading their wings and in early April they take their farm-to-table concept to Torvehallerne (where they’ll be neighbours with Rosio Sánchez’s delicious taqueria, Hija de Sánchez).

Mette Helbæk foraging in the Østergro farm. Photo: Preston Drake-Hillyard

Mette Helbæk foraging in the Østergro farm. Photo: Preston Drake-Hillyard

Helbæk says the menu will change with the seasons in order to provide diversity – an important part of their mandate.

“By eating this way, you give yourself a great opportunity to bring little sparks of happiness into your life which you wouldn’t be able to find if you just ate the same things every day.”

Opening-day dishes are lumpfish roe with kale, sour cream and red onion; baked beetroot with fresh goat’s cheese, roasted hazelnuts, thyme and blackcurrant syrup; braised veal shanks with steamed onions. The regular brunch options include vegetable hash with poached egg, and granola and yoghurt pots.

Photo: Preston Drake-Hillyard

Photo: Preston Drake-Hillyard

The couple – who describe themselves more as food activists than as restaurateurs – want to get diners eating food that’s healthier both for them and the planet.

“The more people who taste this kind of food, the easier it is to change people’s way of thinking,” Helbæk says.

“The biggest compliment we can get is if people say they’ll go home and do this at home,” Hansen adds. “If they do that, it will be fantastic.”

Stedsans Torvehallerne

Frederiksborggade 21 (find us at Vendersgade)
1360 Copenhagen K

Monday-Thursday: 10-20
Friday: 10-21
Saturday: 10-19
Sunday: 10-18

Stedsans at Østergro

Æbeløgade 4
2100 Copenhagen Ø – the roof

Thursday to Sunday 17.30 and 20.15.  April/May-October.

Seats sell months in advance. Book here:


By James Clasper

Contributing editor. @jamesclasper

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