Golden Days celebrates the 1970s

We recommend five events from the Golden Days Festival which runs until September 25

This year’s Golden Days Festival celebrates the orange-brown 1970’s and offers an opportunity to explore the decade that brought us home-spun sweaters, long hair and full beards, community eating, and the rise of the environment and civil rights movements.

”The 1970’s was, for good and bad, a test-laboratory for many of the solutions, thoughts, tendencies and scenarios we employ today,” say the festival organisers.

More than 70 cultural institutions partake in the festival by hosting lectures, concerts, exhibitions, city walks, tours, theatre performances and outdoor activities between  September 9 – 25.

We’ve gone through the programme for you and recommend the follow five events. Most are in Danish, but we’ve chosen some that could still be fun for non-speakers. For the full highlights (in Danish) click here.

9/9 – 24/9 – Drawings of street life by Ib Spang Olsen

In the Copenhagen suburb Ishøj, a small densely populated community was built in the 1970s –Gadekæret – consisting of 650 terraced homes with gardens, that were built around a central park. Ib Spang Olsen’s drawings of the enclave show the happiness and vitality of the area, with his use of warm colours and idyllic life.

Ishøj library


9/9 – 25/9 – Photo exhibitions

The Copenhagen Main library is hosting a number of exhibitions during the festival. Re-visit 1970’s Denmark through a photo exhibition of nostalgic family photos from the 1970s. Or get beneath the skin of youth culture in Randers between 1978 and 1979 in the photo series Når asfalten gynger  by photographers Finn Larsen and Lars Johansson.

Copenhagen Main Library


Saturday, 17/9, 15:00-21:00  – The collective Absalon

The former church Absalon is a modern manifestation of the 1970s vision of community and citizenship. This evening and night Absalon is transformed into a collective with films and music and talks. Sleep over and have breakfast in the morning together. Just bring a toothbrush, and sleeping bag.

DKK 175


Saturday, 17/9, 15:00-21:00  – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet – a Musical Salute to the 1970s

A one-day festival with Danish bands that have each, in their own way, influenced the development of the sound of the 1970s.

DKK 90


Friday, 23/9, 16-16:30 – Pop up concert – Classical choir sings the sound of the 1970s

A choir sings the most well known political and protest songs of the 1970s in front of Frederiksberg Centre.

Frederiksberg Centre


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