“Hey mum! I’m going to Roskilde! Don’t call me for one week”

Roskilde Festival attracts all sorts. Meet a few of the punters here, from Adam the Australian raver, to the Rongsted family.


Marie and Anne

Marie and Anne

Between them, Marie & Ane have more than two decades of Roskilde festivals under their belts.

I love your outfit. Can you tell me about it?

The best thing about it is that you can keep a lot under this skirt. I have my raincoat, my jacket and my purse underneath. And you can quietly pee in a cup by sticking it under the skirt.

How do you pee in a cup without sprinkling pee all over the stuff you’re carrying?

Ane: Well you get a little bit of pee on you. But that’s ok.

Do you have a different outfit for every day?

Marie: Yeah. With a matching hat for each one. I was wearing a tight leopard suit yesterday. And my daughter said, “Mama, are you sure about that?” and I said “of course!”

How much time did you spend on your outfits?

Marie: This is just stuff from our wardrobes.

So this isn’t special occasion wear? You just wear this stuff every day?

Marie: Yup.




Adam has travelled all the way from Canberra, Australia, to come to Roskilde Festival. His swimsuit reads “budgie smugglers”, Australian slang for swimming briefs.

Are you just visiting Denmark for Roskilde Festival?

No, I came to see you. Ha, I also came over one week to do Roskilde and a second week to do a hike in Norway.

Hey Adam, can you slow down, you’re walking really fast?


How did you find out about the festival all the way from Australia?

Everyone’s heard of Roskilde. It’s goddamn amazing. I said to my mum, hey mum! I’m going to Roskilde! Don’t call me for one week.

Does your mum know you’re wearing this outfit?


What would your mum think of your outfit?

She’d say, ‘fuck you, you dumbass!’




Jan is a Roskilde Festival veteran.

How many Roskilde’s have you been to?

Around 20. I was there in 1973. It cost 35 kroner to get in. Ha, it was a lot of money, right?

How does Roskilde 2016 hold up compared to back then?

It’s not really my kinda music. In the past, there used to been other pavilions with different kind of events and installations. There’s not as many of them anymore.

Is there anyone you’re dying to see?

Not particularly, actually. Neil Young. He’s the one I’m really keen on.




Is it your first Roskilde as a family?

DITTE: Not at all. Thomas and I have been here for thirty years and Matthias and Silke have been attending since they were born.

Since they were babies?

DITTE: Oh yeah, since they were in my stomach!

Why is it so important to come to Roskilde?

DITTE: Atmosphere…I don’t know, it’s just wonderful.

THOMAS: We live nearby so we drive back and forth every day.

DITTE: We can’t camp with the kids.

Not yet…

DITTE: Exactly!

Do you think the kids will grow up to be dedicated Roskilde attendees?

DITTE: Silke, yes. Matthias…maybe not.

What do you think of Roskilde, Matthias?

MATTHIAS: It’s alright.

And you, Silke? What do you like best?

SILKE: It’s fun! I like the music best.

Any tips for parents taking at Roskilde?

DITTE: Take something to transport them in! We have this wagon, it helps! They get tired after a while, so we can load them in and cart them around. M



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By Lena Rutkowski

Politics & Society Editor. Lena is a journalist and translator from Australia. @Lenarutski

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