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If you couldn’t find this issue on the streets, there’s a good reason – we didn’t print it. This month we did something a little different and only made a PDF. We needed a little holiday, but still wanted to make a newspaper, so this was the compromise.


Fret not, The Murmur returns in February as normal, and will do so at least 11 times this year. This is thanks, in part, to the 109,000 kroner in support from the Danish Agency for Culture that we were granted for 2017.

We are overjoyed for the support that, together with our own fundraising, will see us through another year of creating English-language news about Denmark.

But we have ambitions, and hope in the near future to share with you some of the ways that The Murmur hopes to grow over the coming years. We have to, as traditional business models for newspapers are crumbling in the digital age – printing a newspaper and selling adverts is no longer enough. Through partnerships and a number of new services, I am confident we can grow The Murmur into a larger and more sustainable business, but whose core mission remains the production of high quality English-language news .

We will let you in on these ideas when they are ready, but until then there’s plenty of reading for you to get stuck in to. For a start, our cover story about home chemotherapy gives a fascinating insight into the ways that designers and healthcare professionals work together to improve the quality of care for patients.

We also focus on the homeless in this issue, firstly on the decision by rail operator DSB to no longer tolerate homeless sleeping in train stations, and secondly on whether the deposit system ‘pant’ makes Denmark an attractive destination for Europe’s homeless. Also don’t forget to catch up on the big headlines from the past month, as well as the latest developments in Copenhagen – especially how one political party thinks the city can benefit from Brexit.

That’s all I’ve got for this month. Thanks for being a reader and remember you are more than welcome to get in touch with your thoughts and ideas. Happy reading! M



By Peter Stanners

Co-founder and Editor-in-chief. Occasional photographer.

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