New skyscraper by Nørrebro station

While the local council says the new development will skew the neighbourhood’s age distribution, the City Council pushes on

Students will have an easier time finding housing in the not-too-distant-future after the city approved the construction of a new student housing project, Uptown Nørrebro. Consisting of five six-story blocks and a 96-metre-tall skyscraper, the buildings will provide 510 apartments and house roughly 700 students and researchers.

Danica Pension are funding the project, and have left the architectural responsibilities to Arkitema Architects, who are known for designing the round residential towers on Havnevigen on Islands Brygge and the skyscrapers next to Amager Strandpark.

The project went ahead despite significant protests from the local committee in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district.

“The idea of building that high up in that particular area is ridiculous,” wrote committee chairman Mogens Petersen in an open letter to Copenhagen City Council. But the scale of the construction is not his main point of criticism, however.

“Some members of the committee are appalled at the idea of a skyscraper in the area, but the main concern is that we will have 500 student flats within 500 square metres. We are well on the way to having a very skewed age distribution in Nørrebro – to the point where it is basically a neighbourhood for young people. We simply do not posses the necessary facilities to accommodate so many young people in our part of the city. We have enough trouble finding room for our own children – we are very much lagging behind in the sports and leisure area in Nørrebro,” the chairman concludes.

Despite the committee’s best efforts, which included a petition and Facebook page against the project, the city decided to move ahead. Danica Pension and Arkitema Architects hope to break ground in 2016 and complete construction as early as 2017. M

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By Joshua Hollingdale

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