RF15 : Love and sex


It is hardly a secret that the rules and etiquette of ‘normal’ society go out the window at festivals like Roskilde. Businessmen, high school students, parents, and even cool grandparents, get together, drink too much, party a lot and share a memorable experience with a rare communal feel.

This breakdown in social norms penetrates all aspects of life, from personal hygiene to dietary decisions – or the lack thereof. One facet of life that is especially disrupted is love and sex. Here are some stories we found in the camping site.

Simon, 25. 4th time at Roskilde Festival
I fell in love with the whole experience of being at Roskilde. I fell in love with the concerts and the girls. I basically fall in love everyday. It is not big love, but it is just love. I don’t remember any particular girl, maybe there have been too many to count. But there is always this one girl that you fall in love with and you try to find her, but you cannot find her. You try every day, walking around the festival hoping that you see her again. There was this one brunette. But there are so many more.

Mads, 24. 6th time at Roskilde Festival
I hooked up at the festival two days ago – thank God for Grindr right? Everybody that is gay and at Roskilde has to use it. It was very nice – it was actually kind of amazing – but there was one thing that I was not that happy about. He gave me a lot of compliments during sex and that makes me lose my boner. Anyway, I want to tell everybody to have a fantastic festival and look up Grindr if you dont know what it is.

Ida, 23, fifth time at Roskilde Festival
Well I don’t have much experience of falling in love, but when it comes to hooking up, it’s like a bubble here. I never act like this at home, at all. But you are in this bubble, your own world. So you just hook up with everyone and have fun. It is awesome. I know several people who have fallen in love here and I think that is cool. I think it is cool that you share the experience with each other. I hooked up with a guy yesterday, a guy who is a lot younger than me, but I really don’t remember it. I know that we made out, but I can’t remember the s-e-x part. I have no idea if we did, I guess we didn’t but I think we did, it’s fifty-fifty. I have the philosophy that there is no shame in my game, and I think you justify everything here. We are at Roskilde, so it is OK, back home it is different. Here you are with people that you don’t know and possibly will never see again. It is more stressful hooking up with people normally. At Roskilde there are no strings attached.

Ragna, 24. Six times (maybe) at Roskilde Festival
I was hooking up with this guy, but then I got really drunk and I was sitting with two friends and I went “do you want to have a threesome” and they said “yeah, sure.” And then we just went into the tent and then we asked each other “does anyone know how to have a threesome?” And none of us did, and then I said first we all get naked and so we took off our clothes and then the guy went “what is going on?” He was so lucky he didn't have to work for that threesome at all. We then got to it, licking and grabbing and he had sex with us both, I think, so it was fun. The festival brings out my Orange feeling. I got dumped two months ago and when I came here I was like, I’m single and I’m ready to mingle. I am a bit in love with everybody here, I wanna fuck them all, fuck the whole festival. You get tingling butterflies, and every person I see I think “I love him, I love him”, it is just so nice being all here together. M

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